Black and White Wedding Table Decorations

Your groom will already be set with an elegant black & white tuxedo & now it is so simple to add color to wedding dresses now, with something that minimal as a black sash. You can be sure that your bridal party will thank you for choosing a basic black dress, that they may even be able to shop for themselves. But the dresses are part of this theme, which can be basically carried through together with your decorations.

Banquet Hall Wedding Black White Red Head Table Decor

There is no other color combination that has stood against time like black & white. This classic pairing, when selected for your wedding, is stunning, simple, & stylish.

Be sure that with a black & white color theme, when you look back at pics, you will always feel that your wedding is in style.

Black and White Wedding Decorations

Flowers come in all shades these days, but finding an arrangement of white would be simple. Accented with a black vase or ribbon & in no time, you will have a splash of black & white throughout the room. Don’t limit yourself to flowers as centerpieces, when generating table assignments think black & white & than numbers, use animals such as “Penguin Table” or “Zebra Table.” For a more personal touch, have a number of your favourite pics of you & groom printed in black & white on the tables or scattered around the room. Since most venues offer white or a shade of white for the linens, think about printing name cards or the dinner menu on black card stock to continue to tie the theme together.

Written by oyi